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Many new pichtures!

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The summer is ON!

Summer come early this year!

For several days we have had summer heat (25 – 27 degrees).

Perhaps it´s to compensate for the very long and cold winter?

Pichtures from a early morning 6.30!


Yesterday we had ”the big fixing day” at Slamrekullen.

We put up a windscreen / transparency protection on the terrace.

Rolled up a brand new gasol grill, planted new plants around the pond.




Now we are ready for lovely summer days! img_8169

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ps. Blueberries blomm!!

Lotta & Ronny.


Starts with sun!


Today we say ”good bye” to the winter and welcome summer!

Everywhere around the houses, we see little white stars on the ground – vitsipporna!  Andfullsizeoutput_3d56 the birds have a very stressful time right now. In our little pond, we have visitors (seabirds) almost every day. We have not seen Mr and Mrs Swan yet. I hope they find us again.

(Pichture from last year)

Today we flag for our king and tomorrow for 1 of may!



Have a nice day!

Lotta & Ronny

Hello! From ABC- islands🌞

Hello our dear guests and friends❤️

We will send you all a sunny greating from our vaccation. Every year in march, we went to Florida and also a cruse to the carribbean. 16 march we left a cold and snowy Sweden……

………. for a warm and sunny Florida and a cruse to the carranbean islands. This year we wisited the ABC – islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaso). It was a wonderful cruse, and no waves😉

In time to celebrate easter, we are home again! Home to take care of our dear guests, (our season starts now) and Ronny is ready for a new season on the racetrack😉 We had a hard and cold winter this yaer, and we hope the snow is gone when we got back. Now we whant spring, sun and ‘fika’ in the sun🌞

We wish you a happy easter, and a warm welcome to Slamrekullen.

❤️❤️ Warm greatings from Lotta och Ronny at Marathon, Florida Keys🌞

Lovely winter

Every day I take nice winter pictures in several minus degrees.

We have not had such winter for many years, and it´s not over yet! The week to come is also going to be very cold!

Today we have been watching a fishing competition and ice racing on the lakes nearby.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

We like winter, we like snow…….

”Dust of snow”

By Robert Frost

The way a crow, shook down on me

The dust of snow from a hemlock tree

Has given my heart a change of mood,

and saved some part of a day I had rued


Februari – It´s cold!

Outside, there are many minuses, and it will be even more colder the following days.

We do not have so many guests during this period of the year, so we take the opportunity to fix some things in the cottage….

Pant the floor…….and the railing.

New curtains from Gekås 😉

We have also put some new (old) tings in the house, and removed others.

It´s Anders Petters old trunk from 1890s as he packed his stuff in, and went to America. But he longed home, so he went back to Sweden again. Now I got his traveled trunk on our seeping loft 😉

It will take another two months until the spring is here……we long for the sun and warmer temperature……..

Ronny, how cold is it outside now?

It´s  – 7,5C

– BRRRRRRRRR!!!  But I sit beside the fireplace, so ringht now I´m varm. We have also filled up with wood, to the fireplace in the cottage, to our Danish guests, coming tomorrow.

10 Februari – We have had real winter this week!

I was down at our small lake today, took some pichtures and look for a snowman!! And I found him! (Our Danish guests made him some days ago, ”Mr Frost” is his name.

Our little lake is som nice, both winter and summer – all seasons! 🙂

New year – 2018

Welcome 2018 – a brand new year is here.

Outdoors we have frost, some snow and minus degrees, and I have already shown so many pichtures of it, so therefore…..

Here comes a slide show, showing our beautiful nature in spring and summer.

Just a few months away 🙂

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

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Have a wonderful week!