Christmas sneaks in…

When the red birds come to the bird feeder, then it will be winter soon.

They are forest birds and never appear in summer time, but now when we offers sunflower seeds, they be wery happy.

Today I made the cottage ready for shopping guests coming tomorrow, I just have to hang up the shining star on the loft….and some lights in the wall-fir.

Soon Christmas is here and winter with cold temperatures. We have already had some ice on the pond.

Maybe snow this weekend!

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YES!!! (Pichtures from today, sunday 19 November)


The autumn is yellow! Hösten är gul!

På många sätt……

Nu har vi shoppingtid på vår närmaste, och största ”affär” – bara 10 kilometer från oss –

GEKÅS!  Vi har många shoppinggäster under denna tid på året i vår mysiga stuga.

Än har vi lediga shoppingnätter på Slamrekullen!

In many ways…….

Now we have ”the shopping time” at our nearest and largest store here in Scandinavia, just 10 kilometers from us!! GEKÅS!

We have many shopping guests during this time of year in our ”cosy cottage” 😉

Nature is yellow, the leaves are yellow, the pumkins are yellow, but the yellowest are – GEKÅS!


Cozy shopping nights in the cottage await……


Soon, Gekås´s Christmas lights are ON!


First day of autumn.

fullsizeoutput_3fa31 September – the summer is over 😦

Where did the summer go? I watied and waited for ”the real summer heat”, but it never came, and now, it is September – autumn.

We had many nice days of sunshine, of course, but no days there ”I MUST TAKE A SWIM IN THE LAKE”!!!!

No, nothing like that at all……..

…….but I like autumn. I like the cold mornings, when the sun shines in the cobwerbs and the fog lies like a smoke over the lakes – then you can light a fire in the stove! And take amazing pictures in the nature.

Ronny has worked to cut in a lot of wood, for all the cozy fireplaces, both to us and to our guests.

Now the shopping time begins on Gekås – before Christmas!


AFA74C92-50EF-471A-A73B-94D133D27C4AAnd we have dug the pond bigger!

We pumped all the water away, and dug a bit more……now we are waiting for the pond to be filled again – one week or two.


Have a wonderful September!

Love from Lotta & Ronny

Pictures from last week

A wonderful summer evening, we packed the basket and went to the boat in our little lake. Ronny got a big fish 🙂

My childhood beach, Skrea strand (Skrea Beach in Falkenberg, 40 km from us, 5 km long). I´m born in Falkenberg, where there are several beautiful beaches. This is the nicest and most popular. Thursday last week we had 27°C and the beach was crowded!

I was there with my ant and my father. We bought some grate lovely ice creams there 😉


On my forest´s walk i found some chantarelles. Not so many, but enought to make a tastefull risotto.


Today we are going to another nice place – Laxbutiken in Heberg. Laxbutiken is both a shop and a restaurant, where you can buy salomon in all forms. Now in the summertime, they have a wonderfull salomon buffé…….I´m going to take some pichtures and add them later.

Sunny summer greatings from Slamrekullen!



It´s time for some……

IMG_5630………New pictures from inside the house.

It´s so much hapening outside, so I forget the inside. But first a outside picture 😉

We have a new railing by the stairs.




I took some new pichtures yesterday, just before our new guest was coming.


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Sonningen GruB aus Slamrekullen 🙂



What do you say about this?!

If you are lucky, you don´t need to go on moose safaris in Småland.

You can sit at the dining table and drink a glass of wine, and they (cow with a calf) will come to you – 10 meters from the window! Unfortunately they will not be ordered 😉

But our German gueste in the ”Uthuset” became very surprised and happy. (I have received the picture from them.)

fullsizeoutput_3dd9The following day I saw them too……

We probably have good food in the woods 🙂


It´s so fun to have these big, wonderful animals around the houses.

Moose-greetings from Slamrekullen 😉

Lovely summer!

I will send you some pichtures I have taken over the past few weeks.

It´s summer flowers, the first berry in the forest, midsummer, visiting animals in the garden, (almost a mini zoo, the last week, one elk cow with her calf – miss them with the camera – a swan family and a deer).



fullsizeoutput_3d5aThe swan family is walking around in the forest……we have to be careful in the trafic, because sometime they want to walk on the road!

fullsizeoutput_3d6cGreetings from Slamrekullen 🙂

Sweden´s National day – 6 June

Started with sunshine…..

IMG_5366I went out with the camera and took some pictures on this lovely summer day. Not until now, our rhododendron start to bloom. It´s late!


Our dear guests in ”the Uthus” (a lovely family from Germany) went to Borås zoo, (ca 120 km from us).

We wanted to celibrate our National day, with a nice dinner, so we went to ”Mandy´s” it´s a resturant with 50 – 60 style, (only 15km from us). They make very tasty hamburgers and deserts, but I don´t usually have room for them…..pity 😦


”Full and happy” we drowe back home…….then it started raining……a lot!

And it continued……and continued……fullsizeoutput_3cc9

In two days (48 hours) there has been 84 mm of rain! So, the whole forest is like a big, wet sponge! (And it´s probably not finished yet….)

And I really have to practise the German language!

Our nice little family from Germany said ”goodbye” to us yesterday, and the kids told me things (in German) about ther animals back home and, that she would start school after the summer and more………..

I have never wanted to speak German more, then I did yesterday!!

Today I found some small, nice things in the house – a fir cone in the window and a stone collection on the terrace 😉

Wonderfully! 🙂





The summer is ON!

Hi, from Slamrekullen! Today we had a lovely summer day, the fourth in a row, and it will not end yet. I have made a small, cozy and sunny place for our guests to enjoy breakfast. (The guest´s terrace is on the other side of the house and has afternoon sun).

IMG_5340I tried the chairs and a breakfast – nice!

After my breakfast, I started to made the cottage ready for two German guests coming tomorrow. Meanwhile I worked, I got visited by a bird, flying in to the house. Two times 🙂 Many butterflies and bees buzz among dandelions and blueberry flowers.

All time we try to find new things to put in the house, things that our guest would need and like. Facing the bath season, I have put two large Beach towels in the wardrobe. AND a map! A map showing the best lakes or sandy beaches around.



In the local area, there are many nice walking or jogging roads – so don´t forget your shoes!!

When I was done, I sat in the sun with a glass of cold Prosecco – Jammi!


I hope we got a lovely week with a lot of sun!

But now, I have to see how the hockey is doing…… Sweden – Canada in WM final….start soon.

In Sweden we call it ”hockeymys” (”hockeycozy”) so, now I´ll have hockeymys!

Hejja Sverige!!!


Oh….I forgot….must show this picture from a rainy day last week. Taken from our window.


Have a wonderful week!